Question by penaltyshot13: New Convertibles?
Hi- my family is looking into buying a new convertible. We are looking for convertibles that are not expensive, something basic yet very nice. We looked into the Ford Mustangs and they arent too bad, but any other ideas as to what car or brand may have what we are looking for? thanks!!

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Answer by Dr. Pepper
Volvo, BMW, Benz, Audi, Mini, VW, ?, just cut the roof of a sedan

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Issue by Enigmatic Charisma: 1998 Ford Mustang (convertible) vs. 1998 Honda Accord Coupe: Which auto would you acquire?
Extra Query: Which is the much better total auto?

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Response by Mr. Smartypants
The Mustang would probably be much more enjoyable (I enjoy convertibles!) But the Accord is a much much better auto. The Accord will give you a great deal much less difficulty.

American autos are receiving far better but they nonetheless cannot preserve up with the Japanese–in reality, all the cars created in the US these days are made by joint ventures amongst an American and a Japanese company. Ford companions with Mitsubishi.

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Question by dartagnon p: Is it time to bite the bullet and comprehend that we are NOW in a Melancholy? Can we survive this?
It truly is a intricate issue and goes back again via Numerous presidents and a number of Senates and Congresses. You can see ripples coming through from Reagan, Daddy Bush, Clinton, and Child Bush. There was way too considerably greed in the housing and inventory marketplaces. There was no oversight and people who obtained loans on their homes in the previous 4 several years must have been counseled and WARNED NOT to get a variable price bank loan but the banks ended up underneath strain from Wall Avenue to Compose Publish Write much more loans and give Wall Avenue a a lot sought after commodity on which they could make their commission portfolios increase.

Never overlook about Guiding the scenes as properly. The CFR, the Fed, our major economists, the “London Loophole”, the Ruling People, Bernanke, Paulson, and President Bush. Everybody had a element in this. On September 24, Bernanke started pulling OUT $ 225 billion pounds from the banking marketplace, in a immediate effort to trigger a tightening of money and develop a worry that would Pressure Congress to pass the bail out plan and answer to President Bush’s demands that Congress be pressured to their knees if essential to get this bailout passed.

I realize the bail out is critical and that it will cause a strangling impact on credit score cards, home financial loans, and the economic system if it is NOT passed but perhaps it’s better to get our lumps NOW and get this Despair More than as quickly as feasible. Even CHINA is pushing to get this bailout passed but it is to preserve THEIR expense a lot more than it is a fear for our financial system.

What we need to have to do is tighten our belts. The war must be stopped NOW and endeavours should be produced on the element of the govt to curtail ALL investing until they can equilibrium the budget for this 12 months. THAT will be a Begin! NO A lot more Funds for overseas international locations … no much more money to Ga … no more money for Everything!

Bush saw the producing on the wall when absolutely everyone was SCREAMING to decrease the fuel prices. Had the govt created endeavours to AT Minimum do THAT then the financial system would have improved, the industry would maintain regular, food rates would have stayed firm, inflation would have been introduced into check out, and factors would have nevertheless been limited but it would have been workable. Bush has relied on his bullying methods for way too extended. It’s Above MR. BUSH! You have damaged the treasury. There is NO Much more Income FOR YOU TO STEAL! The cash cow has been drained. The Fed requirements to prohibit the banking institutions. And A person requirements to talk with the Rothschild household in London and get them to Simplicity OFF!

This Disaster, as they get in touch with it, is getting MANIPULATED by the Rothschild Loved ones just as they manipulated France for the duration of the French Revolution. After the Folks recognize that and concentrate on allowing the MANIPULATORS know that there is Practically nothing remaining to manipulate maybe we can get started to function on this issue.

THE Usa needs to have a Tremendous CLEARANCE SALE! JET Plane …Fifty percent Price tag! We need to have to present the world that we CAN generate merchandise at genuinely Very good charges! We need to have to start off drilling out Own oil fields and provide the industry at costs Half of what the Planet marketplace is proper now. Our vehicle companies need to have to SCRAP the fuel guzzlers and Right away commence generating the Electric powered vehicles and hybrids. How is it that APTERA, a Small car organization in Carlsbad, CA can make a vehicle that will get 300 MPG and costs beneath $ 30,000 and yet Ford, Chrysler, and GM are not able to!
That is ABSURD!
The Tata from India receives 50 + mpg and charges $ two,500. Bush needs to waste the atmosphere and scrub all the well being legal guidelines that have taken 50 several years to get into place … why not let the Tata to be imported to the United states and marketed for beneath $ five,000 with SOME of the Federal Protection Requirements but NOT all! Keep in mind when it utilised to cost $ 2,seven-hundred to get a new Mustang? Bear in mind when a Corvette was $ three,500? Bear in mind when an AC Bristol Cobra with 425 horses that obtained eight mpg cost $ four,000 but fuel was 25c/gallon? People days are NOT long gone … they have just been shelved.

WE CAN GO Back again TO THAT ! WE have the methods … we have the factories … we have the capabilities … but we ALL need to perform jointly.

Will not purchase gas unless you Need to have to and then only buy sufficient to final for a couple of times. If we End getting gas the charges will come down. Begin purchasing your foods at the 99c keep and Meals 4 Much less and Save-a-whole lot, and Sensible & Last and buy the necessities, canned food, things that will Previous for a Year OR TWO. Start TO HOARD Meals NOW! If you have any family who went via the melancholy ask THEM what to do! THEY KNOW … they have been by way of it! Rather of acquiring bottled drinking water for 99c/gallon go to the Geyser Drinking water Devices and get it for 20c/gallon. When you drive your auto use it Once a 7 days and do ALL your errands on the same working day and Prepare your route on Google so that you can make it as effective as feasible.
Conserve, preserve, conserve.

And earlier mentioned all PRAY your hearts out … not at Church … but every Day at Home. WAKE UP Praying to God … pray to Him at lunch … pray to Him at meal … THANK HIM FOR almost everything you have and that your family members is secure and that existence c
My concern right here is: Do you folks agree with me or am I just likely rapidly insane below? Does any person else see what is heading on with our govt and the ruling elite and the foreign households these kinds of as the Rothschild Family members, or am I currently being sucked in by the conspirationalists? That video clip previously mentioned states that the Real truth is in the Conspiracies that are getting spread around? Is that propaganda to assist their own issues or is it Truly the Truth?
Sorry for dumping this in the Philosophy dept but a good friend advised it and explained that you fellas have the finest minds on things like this. I was tempted to dump it in the Faith dept since I like their minds as well but I have by no means read from YOU guys yet and I’m curious. I know this is Really long but I did not know how else to term it briefly without having loosing the impetus.
This took a Lot of effort so Remember to never violate it or report it for whatever cause and I assure I’ll occur in right here more typically and be a part of in on YOUR conversations.
Many thanks :-)

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Reply by kwazywabbott
We and our youngsters (fortunately I have none to pass this debacle on to!) will not see the gentle at the conclude of the tunnel. We have long gone much also considerably to come back very easily.

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Question by yankees4cc: 1965 ford mustang convertible?
Does anybody know how many 1965 ford mustang K code Convertibles were made?

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Answer by SVOMAN
you can extrapolate from the info on the early Mustang registry..

64½-66 Mustang Registry
The early Mustangs

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Question by me: whats the very best tuner auto?
so it can be new it can be outdated does not issue what should i get i want to import a holden cte ss genuinely undesirable due to the fact its a unwell vehicle and no one in washington has 1, one more alternative was the 300zx twin turbo, also i was pondering about a supra or my favored human body fashion an EvO. now i don’t want a muscle vehicle ive worked as a auto income gentleman at ford, the mustang is lame. so i want a forgin auto i can fiddle close to with. cash isnt a proboblem im twenty and im making 4k so notify a child what to acquire at the candy retailer

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Solution by Younger Fortune 500
I purchased my Ferrari F360 at The Vehicle Toy Retailer in Ft, Lauderdale. Wonderful auto with tons of updates!

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mustang convertible
by IFHP97

Question by kristina_brooke: accessories for a black convertible mustang ?
im a 16 year old and im getting a black mustang and i just want cute things to make the care feel like its mine, like cute air fresheners and stuff like that ! (:
fav colors : blue purple and lime green .

hope you can help, thanks . xoxo .

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Answer by RawrzImo
Mustang =/= cute. Buy a Ford Focus or something besides a muscle car if you want your car to seem cute. I personally despise this one Mustang in my area with a big Winnie the Pooh sticker on the rear window.

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Question by Mustang Girl: Mustang Convertible Question?
Is it ok for my mustang convertible to be outside 24/7? will it wear out my top quicker? It’s an ’07. is there anything i can do to help make the top last longer?

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Answer by Uncle Bo
Best thing to do is keep your top clean. Remove stains, bird poop, etc. immediately. Wash it with car wash soap and a soft brush regularly.

If you want to preserve it, search for a product called RaggTopp. Spell it exactly like that. RaggTopp sells convertible top care products. Also search for 303 Products, as they also make convertible top cleaners.

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Question by : To all my chevy and mopar people, how do you feel about ford fan boys?
I really would like to know why are ford fanboys so goddam annoying, they buy them cheap asz mustangs with small asz 4.6 and 5.0l engines and then get the mentality that their king of the fuckin road when gm and even dodge has always been superior to ford.

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Answer by Ray
Lets talk about superior. Mustang has always out sold camaro and anything Dodge makes. Gee I don’t see as many in the shop or on the side of the road. But don’t take my word for it, look in dealership service departments and see that Ford techs don’t turn as many hours as gm/dodge techs because they don’t need fixed as often. They didn’t need a bail out due to building garbage like gm/chrysler did. More vehicles in the top ten for reliability than gm/chrysler could ever hope to achieve. And by the way, the 4.6 has spanked more ‘wanna be hemis’. It has todays technology and not yesterday’s pushrod crap. Oh yeah 4.6 and 5.0 outlast them also.

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Issue by John R: The place can I locate a stock mustang convertible prime for 2002?
I may possibly be getting a mustang convertible that just requirements a new leading to seem very good.

The place can I locate a best that is the very same that they occur with stock? [Or a much better seeking a single with no it getting way too expensive]

Its tan.
Effectively I cannot discover something else thats great about right here.

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Reply by Gabriel
Just sort “convertible tops” into google and you will get dozens of options.

The top itself is pretty cheap but put in costs a fortune and it is way more operate than the average do it yourselfer can handle.

Program on about $ 1,200 mounted.

Secondarily, are you certain you want that auto? Mustangs of that age are rubbish. (Present proprietor of a 2000 mustang convertible with 92,000 miles.)

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Question by Kevin: Should I get a 2000 Mustang GT Convertible?
My friend is giving me a great deal on his old Mustang with 142k miles on it. I’m trading my 2003 Buick Le Sabre with 127k miles (kbb $ 4000) plus 900 bucks which is 1100 dollars under the kbb for his car. I’m just wondering if this is a safe bet or if the Mustang is going to crap out on me after 5k or something.

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Answer by Old Man Dirt
A used cars reliability is determined by the last person to own it!
While Ford Mustangs are over all very reliable- your friend might not have taken care of it in a way that makes it a good risk.
Convertibles come with additional parts that wear out and or break down.
So look at how well that friend takes care of what they own. If they trash things- then the car is a bad risk.

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